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Maui restaurant navigation menu border imageCJs Maui restaurant provides diners with extensive variety of comfort foods at comfortable prices. Nothing on the menu is more than $12.95!Maui restaurant and Maui wedding catering customer comments from our customers.Learn why CJs Deli & Diner is Maui's favorite neighborhood restaurant and bakery!CJs Maui catering services are used by Maui's locals and elite for superb catering anywhere on Maui. Maui Catering for 2 to 1000! No Maui Wedding, Birthday, or Anniversary is too big or small for CJs Maui catering services.Maui Hana Box Lunches from CJs. We'll loan you a cooler you can use for your entire vacation and FREE ice refills!Try CJs Maui Chefs to Go program - We'll prepare and you finish it at home. Perfect for those vacationing in a condo or busy Maui local families!Maui Wedding Cake Baking and Maui Commercial Baking available from CJs Deli & Diner
Try CJs Maui Chefs to Go program - We'll prepare and you finish it at home. Perfect for those vacationing in a condo or busy Maui local families!CJ's is the perfect place to host your Maui birthday party, anniversary dinner, Maui wedding rehearsal, or corporate holiday party. Complete Maui Catering Service.CJ's Maui restaurant and Maui catering can custom create and design your perfect Maui Wedding and Maui wedding cake!Open your own Comfort Zone Maui Restaurant Franchise and enjoy the benefits of living in Maui, Hawaii!Maui restaurant jobs. CJ's Maui is looking for fun, hard-working and energetic Maui restaurant employees and Maui catering employees for their Kaanapali restaurant. Maui Employment Opportunities are available.Purchase your Maui Logo Wear and Maui Gifts from CJs Deli & Diners in Kaanapali Maui Hawaii
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Some of Our Noteworthy Accomplishments:

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CJ's Maui Restaurant Picked Best 'Big Meals, Small Wallet' by LA Times
Scoping it out: Only $10 to spend? Stop at CJ's Deli & Diner for what may the best burger in Maui. For $9.95, our burger combo included half a pound of Angus beef (*topped with caramelized Maui onions, cheese and bacon) a refillable soda and a heaping mound of wonderfully seasoned fries. The diner is cheerful and appealing and is just down the street from the uber-0expensive resorts at Kaanapali. "I opened this restaurant because I was tired of all the tourist traps" says owner Christen Jorgensen, formerly executive chef at the Westin Maui. His menu includes more than burgers, Jorgensen's comfort meals include entrees such as meatloaf ($8.50), pot roast ($9.95) and roast turkey ($8.95). And, you can BYOB without a corkage fee. Other pluses: Order lunch to take on a picnic or the road to Hana, and CJ's will lend you an ice chest.
We Loved: Everything! Including, CJ's wickedly wonderful sweets, such as the Road to Hana Brownies or the famous macadamia nut Hana Bars.
Rosemary McClure, a Los Angeles Times Staff Writer,
LA Times Travel

CJ's Deli & Diner served the finest in Maui Catering for the 2011 EA Sports Maui Invitational Basketball Tournament, held on Maui over the 2011 Thanksgiving Holiday week. Nearly 100 separate events are beingcatered in the course of the 3 day tournament and more than 800 meals per day will be served to hungry ESPN media personnel, tournament teams, tournament staff and fans in the Stadium Club's VIP area. CJ's has provided the finest Maui catered event services to the EA Sports Maui Invitational Basketball tournament for the past 7 years.
CJs Maui restaurant, located just north of Lahaina, provided Maui catered services during the 2004 through 2007 tournaments and is sponsor of the NCAA Maui Invitational Basketball Tournament.
- Take a Chefs to Go meal to the NCAA Maui Invitational Basketball Tournament -

CJ's Deli and Diner Maui Restaurant was awarded the First Place award for the Best Poultry Entree at the 2006 Taste of Lahaina held on Sept 8 and 9, 2006 in Lahaina. CJ's served the award winning entree for Mochicco Chicken Skewers with Asian Pear Slaw, a variation of our famous Mochico Chicken Dinner.

Taste of Lahaina Logo, 2006
BEST POULTRY ENTREE - Mochicco Chicken Skewers with Asian Pear Slaw


Maui Chef Christian Jorgensen prepares Sweet Maui Onion Bruchedtta at the 2006 Maui Onion Festival held in Whalers Village, Kaanapali, Maui.

CJ's Deli & Diner Maui Restaurant participated in the 2006 Maui Onion Festival held on Sept 2cnd and 3rd, 2006 at Whalers Village in Kaanapali. 2002's Best Recipe Winner, Maui Chef Christian Jorgensen, presented a cooking demonstration presenting his original Sweet Maui Onion Bruchetta recipe. The audience enjoyed the presentation and the food that was prepared during the cooking demonstration.

Get More of Chef CJ's Recipes on our Maui Catering Blog.

2006 Maui Onion Festival Recipe
by Maui Chef Christian Jorgensen
of CJ's Deli & Diner Maui Restaurant in The Kaanapali Fairway Shops
Sweet Maui Onion Salsa Ingredients:
Serves 10
  3 Medium Size Onions
2 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Tablespoon Chopped Garlic
5 Small Red Chili
1 Cup Vinegar
2 Oz. Chopped Cilantro

2 Cups Fresh Mango Chunks
1 Cup Maui Gold Pineapple
1 Cup Vinegar
1 Teaspoon Cumin
3 Pieces Star Anise

To Taste: Salt / Pepper / Chili
Bruchetta Ingredients:

10 each Slices of French Bread or Foccicia Bread
2 Tablespoons Garlic Butter
10 Sprigs Fresh Cilantro Sprigs
1 Cup Salsa

1. In Heavy Sauce Pan, Saute Onions, Garlic, Anise and Chili in Oil until Golden Brown (Caramelized) (10 minutes).
2. Add Cumin, Mango, and Pineapple - Stir for 2 minutes.
3. Deglaze with Vinegar.
4. Simmer for 10 minutes.
5. Season with Salt and Pepper.
6. Cool Down.
7. Spread Garlic Butter on Bread Slices.
8. Toast Bread in Oven until Golden Brown.
9. Lace Toasted Bread with 1 Scoop Onion Salsa.
  Decorate with Cilantro or Micro Greens.

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CJ's Deli & Diner was a sponsor of the 2006 Maui Classic Basketball Tournament. The tournament featured some of the most talented High School basketball players in the country. Visit CJs Deli & Diner for our Comfort Foods before or after the games! Located in Kaanapali Fairway Shops, CJs is easy to find and impossible to forget!

2005 Taste of Lahaina, 1st Place, Best Dessert, Hana Bar Sundae
CJ's Deli Diner received 1st Place in the 2005 Best Dessert Category at the 2005 Taste of Lahaina. The award was presented to CJ's Deli & Diner for their Hana Bar Sundae with Mango Sauce. Come into the Maui affordable restaurant to try this and other award winning meals!
Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa with Maui Chef Christian Jorgensen. The Maui Chefs wife Marilyn Jorgensen (in the orange shirt) is just behind the Maui Mayor and his wife. 2005 Taste of Lahaina Best Dessert Winner Maui Chef Christian Jorgensen with Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa.
Mayor of Maui Alan Arakawa awarding the 2005 Best Dessert award to Maui Chef Christian Jorgensen at the 2005 Taste of Lahaina. Maui Mayor presenting the 2005 Best Dessert Award to Maui Chef Christian Jorgensen of CJ's Deli & Diner at the 2005 Taste of Lahaina.

2004 TASTE OF LAHAINA, Appetizer - 2cnd Place Event Award  

CJ's Deli Diner served their Ginger Glazed Salmon with Asian Pear Slaw at the 2004 Taste of Lahaina Festival. The CJ's chef and staff participated in Maui's largest culinary festival and world class cooking event that was held in Lahaina, Hawaii.


Taste of Lahaina 2004

The event benefited Maui youth groups. Chef's Christian prepared and served the famous Asian Pear Ginger Glazed Salmon with Asian Pear Slaw appetizer and were awarded second place in the appetizer category. The 18th annual event was held on a weekend in Sept 2004.

CJ's Deli Diner served their World Famous Pot Roast and Garlic Mashed Potatoes at the 2003 Taste of Lahaina Festival, held Sept 12 and Sept 13, 2003.
The CJ's chefs and staff participated in Maui's largest culinary festival and world class cooking event that was held in Lahaina, Hawaii!

Don't forget, the event benefited Maui youth groups. Cost is $3 with kids 6 and under free; free parking. In addition to the opportunity to watch Chefs Christian and Darren preparing their famous Pot Roast and Garlic Mashed Potatoes, the event also offers games and inflatable rides for kids. Enjoy live Hawaiian music while sampling edible delectable creations from CJ's!!! The event runs from 5 to 10 pm, both evenings of Sept 12 and 13.

Taste of Lahaina 2003

Check back for details and photos of CJs award winning parade entry at the 2003 King Kamahamaha parade ceremony held in Lahaina Town this past spring.

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Comfort Food at Comfort Prices - view CJ's Deli & Diner Menu!Maui catering and Maui restaurant customer comments.Chef Chrstian Jorgensen and Marilyn Jorgensen own and operate CJs Maui restaurant - read more about this Maui restaurant and bakery.Maui Catering and Maui Wedding Catering.Pick up a complete Hana Box lunch - $9 per person includes cooler and free ice during your vacation.Chef prepared foods you cook at home in your Maui Condo or Maui home. Great foods to Go, and healthy too!Maui wedding cakes and other fresh baked items from CJ's Deli & Diner in Kaanapali Maui Hawaii.
CJs is easy to get to and hard to forget. This Maui restuarant is walking distance from all Kaanapali resorts! Our West Maui restaurant is just north of Lahaina.Rent CJs Deli & Diner in Kaanapali - Host your Maui Holiday party at CJsMaui Wedding Catering Serviesmaui restaurant franchise opportunity!CJs offers Maui restaurant employment to skilled experienced restaurant workers. Drop in to find out about opportunities at CJs Deli& Diner MauiCJs Maui Logo Wear is comfortable and affordable like our Maui restaurant! Buy a hat or T-Shirt today!
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