CJS Maui Deli and Diner for Hana Box Lunch meals - Includes Free use of Cooler and Free Ice refills during your Maui vacation
Open 7:00 am until 8:00 pm Daily
Breakfast from 7:00 am till 11 am Daily!

Maui Chefs to Go for maui visitors and maui residents too busy to cook. Cook you meal in your vacation condo or get your hana box lunch!
Ask about our 'Chefs to Go!' meals!
We Prep it - You Cook it!

2580 KEKA'A DRIVE, Suite 120 LAHAINA, HAWAII 96761 (808) 667-0968 / fax (808) 667-0975 EMail: CJs@CJsMaui.com
Maui restaurant navigation menu border imageCJs Maui restaurant provides diners with extensive variety of comfort foods at comfortable prices. Nothing on the menu is more than $12.95!Maui restaurant and Maui wedding catering customer comments from our customers.Learn why CJs Deli & Diner is Maui's favorite neighborhood restaurant and bakery!CJs Maui catering services are used by Maui's locals and elite for superb catering anywhere on Maui. Maui Catering for 2 to 1000! No Maui Wedding, Birthday, or Anniversary is too big or small for CJs Maui catering services.Maui Hana Box Lunches from CJs. We'll loan you a cooler you can use for your entire vacation and FREE ice refills!Try CJs Maui Chefs to Go program - We'll prepare and you finish it at home. Perfect for those vacationing in a condo or busy Maui local families!Maui Wedding Cake Baking and Maui Commercial Baking available from CJs Deli & Diner
Try CJs Maui Chefs to Go program - We'll prepare and you finish it at home. Perfect for those vacationing in a condo or busy Maui local families!CJ's is the perfect place to host your Maui birthday party, anniversary dinner, Maui wedding rehearsal, or corporate holiday party. Complete Maui Catering Service.CJ's Maui restaurant and Maui catering can custom create and design your perfect Maui Wedding and Maui wedding cake!Open your own Comfort Zone Maui Restaurant Franchise and enjoy the benefits of living in Maui, Hawaii!Maui restaurant jobs. CJ's Maui is looking for fun, hard-working and energetic Maui restaurant employees and Maui catering employees for their Kaanapali restaurant. Maui Employment Opportunities are available.Purchase your Maui Logo Wear and Maui Gifts from CJs Deli & Diners in Kaanapali Maui Hawaii

Hana box lunches from CJ's restaurant in Kaanapali Maui - open early for breakfast and for your hana box lunch pickup with free cooler rental and free ice refills during your vacation!


Heading to Hana or other Maui destinations early in the morning? CJ's opens at 7:00 am every morning. Not only do we offer hearty warm breakfast to get your day started, CJ's also offer a variety of menu items made especially for your road trip to Hana, early morning Haleakala sunrise trip, or the many other activities available on Maui. We'll even loan you a cooler* to keep your lunch cold until you are ready to enjoy it. And you can keep using the cooler during your vacation. Whatever you need, just let us know and we'll do what we can to accommodate your request.

Only $12 Per Person, includes the following:
- Build Your Own Deli Sandwich
- Maui Chips, Bottled Juice or Soda
- Road to Hana Fresh Baked Walnut Bar - Yummm!
- Maui Pineapple Boat
- FREE Cooler*
- FREE Ice Refills During Guest Stay


*Deposit Required for loaner coolers - Returned to you when you return the loaner cooler.


Want to cook your own meal?
Try our 'Chefs to Go' meals. CJ's will prep your meal - you just take it home and cook it. We even include easy to follow instructions. We also welcome queries seeking onsite Maui personal chef services.

The Chefs to Go program is a big hit with single parents, two job couples, and visitors staying in a condo. We tailor-made the menu for people on the go who would ordinarily grab fatty fast foods to avoid cooking for one. Now, you can pick up a pre prepped dinner in a box and finish it at home for peak flavor.

Having a party for 4 to 10 people? Cater it yourself with our Chefs to Go menu and your guests will think you slaved all day long!

Maui Chef Prepared Meals for Cooking at Home or in your Vacation Condo - Chefs to Go - We prep it, You cook it! Maui Gourmet Food Service.

CJ's Deli & Diner Chefs To Go Menu

'Chefs to Go!' meals!
We Prep it - You Cook it!

Appetizers: (all appetizers are by the piece unless noted otherwise)
***Special pricing on full menu selection and / or per person pricing
  Chicken Wings $2.00
  Maui Summer Rolls with Mango and Peanuts $2.75
  Hummus & Vegetables (50 Pieces - Serves 20-25) $50.00
  Mini Reuben Sandwiches $3.50
  Italian Meats on Foccacia $2.25
  BBQ Pork Ribs $2.25

Kalbi Ribs Pupus Style

  Tapenade & Roasted Garlic Pita $1.95
  Seared Ahi on Cucumber $3.25
  Crab in Mushroom $3.95
  Coconut Prawns with Mango Chili Sauce $3.00
  Shrimp Shumai with Thai Chili Sauce $2.75
  Crispy Pork & Shrimp Won Tons with Hot Mustard (2 Pieces) $3.00
  Chicken Pot Stickers with Soya Wasabai $2.25
  Vegetable Spring Rolls $2.50
  Thai Chicken Spring Rolls $2.75
  Onion Rings (2 Pieces) $1.95
  Pineapple Tree with Prawn Cocktail (50 Pieces) $160.00
  Chicken & Pesto $2.50
  Fruit Skewers $2.50
  Prosciutto & Tomato $2.75
  Seared Ahi $3.50
  Mini Chicken Hoagie $3.95
  Beef Skewers with Teriyaki Sauce $2.75
  Chicken Satay with Thai Peanut Sauce $2.50
  Prawn Skewers with Lemon Grass Butter Sauce $3.75
  Mini Crab Cake $3.75
  Tropical Fruit Platter ( serves 30) $95.00
  International Cheese Tray with Bread and Crackers
(serves 30)
We custom design any type of Appetizer . . . Just Ask!
Salads: Salads are per person serving a minimum of five. Or you can purchase by the platter  
  Caesar Salad - Traditional Salad with Croutons and Grated Parmesan $4.00
  Greek Salad with Spinach, Roasted Bell Peppers, Tomato, Feta Cheese, Cucumber, Pita Chips and Balsamic Dressing $4.75
  Kula Greens - Blend of 10 Baby Greens with Tomato and Cucumber . . . Choice of Two Dressings $3.50
  Chinese Chicken - Mixed Baby Greens with Mandarin Oranges, , Bamboo Shoots, Crispy Wontons and Miso Dressing $4.75
  Lomi Lomi Salmon Diced Salted Salmon with Tomatoes and Green Onions $5.00
  CJ's Pineapple Cole Slaw $1.95
  CJ's Potato Salad $1.95
Entrees (All entrees are per person)  
  Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan $5.75
  Mango Glazed Pork Ribs $6.50
  Mahi Mahi with Herb Sauce $6.75
  Grilled New York Steak (4 oz.) $9.00
  MeatLoaf Ask
  Pork Chop $4.95
  Garlic Prawns $7.50
  Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork $5.75
  Danish Meat Balls $4.95
  Roasted Chicken $5.55
  Kalbi Beef Ribs $6.50
  Herb Grilled Salmon $6.50
  Beef Tenderloin (4 oz.) $13.00
  Chicken and Prociutto $5.75
  BBQ or Teriyaki Chicken $5.75
  Roasted Turkey $6.50
  Homemade Lasagna $6.25
  Southern Fried Chicken $5.75
  Kalua Pork $5.00
  Chicken Long Rice $4.50
  Lamb Chops (2) $12.00
Side Dishes  
  Pasta Marinara or Cream Sauce $3.95
  Boiled, Roasted or Mashed Potato $2.75
  Baked Potato with All the Trimmings $3.75
  Sauteed Vegetables $3.75
  Pineapple Fried Rice $4.50
  Steamed Rice $1.75
  Chocolate Fudge Brownies $3.50
  Our Famous Award Winning Hana Bars $15.00 Dozen
  Whole Cheese Cake (Serves 12) $40.00
  Sliced Fresh Fruit $3.95
  Dessert Platter (Assorted Cake, Cookies, Hana Bars and Brownies)

Per Person

  Large Chocolate Chip Cookies $3.50
Many other Desserts and Dessert Buffet set ups . . . Just ask!
*All Prices and Availability Subject to Change without Advance Notice!!

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Comfort Food at Comfort Prices - view CJ's Deli & Diner Menu!Maui catering and Maui restaurant customer comments.Chef Chrstian Jorgensen and Marilyn Jorgensen own and operate CJs Maui restaurant - read more about this Maui restaurant and bakery.Maui Catering and Maui Wedding Catering.Pick up a complete Hana Box lunch - $9 per person includes cooler and free ice during your vacation.Chef prepared foods you cook at home in your Maui Condo or Maui home. Great foods to Go, and healthy too!Maui wedding cakes and other fresh baked items from CJ's Deli & Diner in Kaanapali Maui Hawaii.
CJs is easy to get to and hard to forget. This Maui restuarant is walking distance from all Kaanapali resorts! Our West Maui restaurant is just north of Lahaina.Rent CJs Deli & Diner in Kaanapali - Host your Maui Holiday party at CJsMaui Wedding Catering Serviesmaui restaurant franchise opportunity!CJs offers Maui restaurant employment to skilled experienced restaurant workers. Drop in to find out about opportunities at CJs Deli& Diner MauiCJs Maui Logo Wear is comfortable and affordable like our Maui restaurant! Buy a hat or T-Shirt today!
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