6 Things to Know About Maui Beach Weddings

6 Things to Know About Maui Beach Weddings

A newlywed couple first kiss at a sunset beach wedding on Maui.Maui County beaches are public – there are no private beaches on Maui. Unlike many island destination wedding venues, to ensure the public has continued unrestricted use of Hawaii beaches, the state of Hawaii imposes regulations on the wedding industry along with a permitting process for beach weddings.

Fortunately, while there aren’t excessive fees or expenses associated with acquiring a beach wedding permit, there are several things to know if you’re dreaming of a ‘Toes in the Sand’ Maui wedding. Regulations include being compliant with the amount of time allowed to utilize the beach, number of persons attending and other requirements or restrictions on a Maui county beach wedding. Scan through our short list of beach wedding tips highlighting what you need to know and then leave a comment or questions about your own vision for getting married on Maui:

  1. All Maui beach weddings must apply for and obtain a permit for a wedding on the beach Luckily, the permit process is straight forward and most wedding coordinators and wedding service professionalsA Maui wedding officiate hold fresh flower wedding lei. are closely familiar with the process and will obtain the wedding permit on behalf of the couple getting married. Insurance is required and agreement to abide by the all beach wedding rules is also required. Wedding service providers must be listed when the beach wedding permit application is submitted. Wedding professionals are required to possess a current Maui county business license and Hawaii GET before providing services. Attendance at Maui beach weddings cannot exceed more than 20 people, including the couple getting married, the officiate presiding over the wedding, the guests attending the wedding and service providers such as wedding photographers, caterer, planner or others hired for the beach wedding. The number of guests must be provided at the time the beach wedding permit application is submitted and is not flexible for spontaneous add-ons. If you are planning a Maui beach wedding, don’t ignore the permit process! If you are bringing your own photographer, a minister or other wedding officiate they must obtain licenscing and be listed on the permit application.
  2. A catered wedding reception in Kaanapali Maui.How Do I Apply for a Maui Beach Wedding Permit? A wedding planner or coordinator, a caterer or a wedding officiate usually completes the Maui beach wedding permit application on the couples behalf. All service providers must be listed on the beach wedding permit if they will be at a wedding on the beach. For those serving as their own DIY wedding planner, you’ll want get familiar with the beach wedding permit and application process. Or, ask and we’ll happy to supply only the amount of assistance you want.
  3. No Accessories, Chairs or Decor at Weddings on the Beach. To preserve the public’s right to unrestricted use of public beaches the wedding ordinance prohibits the placement of guest chairs, pillows, wedding chuppahs, arches or accessories directly on the beach for weddings. Don’t let the Maui county permit process intimidate or discourage dreams of getting married on Maui! One option is to conduct the wedding ceremony on the beach with a reception following in an adjacent location next to the beach. Let us know if you need help finding private oceanfront wedding locations. We have arrangements with the finest wedding venues on Maui. Most are only steps from the water! Or, choose a private beachfront wedding estate in Lahaina or a wedding location between OlowaluOlowalu Plantation House Private Estate Wedding Location in West Maui. to Kapalua in West Maui.
  4. Kaanapali Beach Weddings. Though beach weddings aren’t permitted on the main Kaanapali beach resort area (from the Hyatt on the southern end to the Sheraton and Black Rock to the North) where the largest resort hotels are located, no need to despair! If you have your heart set on getting married on the beach in Kaanapali consider getting married at North Kaanapali beach, which happens to be one of our favorite Maui wedding locations. Some of the best Kaanapali weddings have take place at the cabana at the Outrigger Eldorado resort, only a short walk north of Black Rock. A beach wedding at the Eldorado Cabana includes the opportunity to host a wedding on the sand with a wedding reception in the private cabana. Larger weddings use the grassy area adjacent to the beach for the wedding ceremony with chairs and other wedding accessories without a permit. Couples getting married in Kaanapali enjoy the convenience of serving wedding guests a catered reception dinner without driving or relocating to a separate location after the wedding ceremony. Take a look at a Eldorado Cabana wedding or catered wedding reception for inspiration from this spectacular ocean front wedding site in West Maui. Then, get in touch with us for more details.A Maui beach wedding at the Eldorado Cabana on Kaanapali beach with wedding reception catering.
  5. How to avoid the need for a beach wedding permit on Maui. A popular toes in the sand wedding alternative is to get married at a venue above the high tide line adjacent to the sandy areas or at a private beachfront wedding venue. Luxury private homes with wedding ceremony sites are available and provide the most flexibility for beachfront weddings on Maui while providing more privacy than public beaches.A Maui beach wedding at sunset.
  6. Public Beach Parks. Using public beach parks for a beachfront wedding may be an alternative to getting married on a beach in Maui. In West Maui, Launiupoko Beach Park, Puamana and Airport Beach are possibilities for weddings or weddingA public beach park as a Maui wedding location. receptions. Closer to Kapalua with spectacular sunsets and views of the neighbor island Molokai, D.T. Flemming Beach Park includes large grass areas adjacent to the beach suitable for both the wedding and ceremony. Since beach parks and pavilions cannot be reserved in advance and are available on a first come availability basis, someone from the wedding party will need to get to the park before sunrise to hold an area for the wedding and wedding reception. Beach Parks are less busy on weekdays than weekends except during holiday times and when local schools are out. South Maui wedding locations at beach parks include any of the 3 Ka’amole Beach Parks, each with grass areas for weddings and adjacent to sandy beaches. All Maui beach parks close at 8 pm, making sunset weddings with a reception following impractical when daylight hours are longer.

Ready to get married on Maui? Call, Email or ask for FREE Wedding Planning Advice! We’re available to acquire the beach wedding permit for you and ensure you are compliant with the Maui county wedding regulations or we will help with suggestions for alternative beachfront wedding location with equal benefits and stunning views:


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CJ’s Kaanapali Diner Review

My daughter and I visited Maui a couple of weeks ago and came to your restaurant 3 times. I just wanted to thank you for your willingness to meet our gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free requirements. We loved being able to eat out safely and wish we had a CJ’s at home! I just wrote you a stellar review on Trip Advisor. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer!

Kelley MacCabe
CJ’s Maui Restaurant Review

Wonderful for a Sunday Brunch since you can order breakfast until 11:00am! Had a ‘custom’ 3 ingredient omelette (I chose mushrooms, feta and spinach) with nicely crunchy on the outside and soft inside home potatoes, yummy. Hubby had the pancakes with fresh fruit! These are light fluffy slightly sweet batter pancakes, not those heavy bland ones (OK I admit it, I had to have a few bites of his breakfast…) Service was fast and friendly :0). The menu is EXTENSIVE, we live here and love it!

Kathy, Lahaina, Maui
CJ’s Deli and Diner Maui Restaurant Review

Fact: CJ’s Maui onion soup will melt your face off it’s so good. Best I’ve ever had. It gets 20 stars.
Alas, it’s not on the menu every day… But when my fiancee and I went this past summer and were lucky to meet Chef CJ in person and mentioned that we had been thinking about the onion soup since the last time we visited two years earlier, he was kind enough to put it on the next day’s menu. We went back the following day and ordered it, and it was amazing, just as we had remembered. Another fact: the onion soup at CJ’s is better than the onion soup at Mama’s Fish House (and at like 1/4th of the price). Really. It’s that good. Part of me wants to reverse engineer CJ’s onion soup recipe, quit my job, and make millions selling onion soup to the mainland masses! (or: CJ, wanna make a deal?)
I think that the loco moco gravy is made from the same goodness. So that’s great too. The potato salad is tasty as well.
The to-go lunch plate is respectable.

Jonny S, San Diego, CA
Maui Chef CJ Prepares Mushroom Soup for Kaanapali Restaurant Guest

On a previous visit to Maui, I had the most delicious mushroom soup at CJ’s Deli and Diner in Kaanapali. When I arrived in Maui this week, I emailed the restaurant and asked what day they might have the soup. The owner and chef, Christian Jorgensen (CJ), promptly replied even though he was on vacation in Vegas. He gave me a number to call to check on the soup of the day. Then when he returned to Maui on Friday, he emailed me to let me know he would have the soup for me on Saturday. When I got there, he was so friendly and the soup was even more scrumptious than I had remembered. I really appreciated how valued he made me feel as a customer.

Linda D.
CJs Maui Restaurant Customer

Good Morning, My wife and I spent last week in Maui. Your early bird special was the best. After we found you, we ate breakfast there every morning. You had two regular coffees that we just loved.

James T Wilson Jr
Maui Restaurant Customer

The best burger I ever had! Great Service! Fantastic Food!! Simply Awesome.

Pat Janostin, Champlin MN
Kaanapali Restaurant Customer Comment

Thanks for all the Good Food. Best we have ad since we hit the island 5 days ago!

Jeff and Myra V., Ontario, Ohio

CJ’s Maui Restaurant Customer Comments on CJ’s Private Luau in her Blog

Aloha, Just wanted to let you know that this post was up last Friday and it will be included (linked) with all of our Hawaii properties. Thank you both for excellent service. You made our trip to Maui very memorable! Feel free to comment on the post. It’s always good to have additional information and your input.


Nancy Solomon, Travel Writer
CJ’s Maui Restaurant Customer Comment

Aloha, We were in to see you many times during our stay last month in Ka’anapali, couple of things for you:
Need to order some more of your CJ’s roasted Kona Coffee. I see it’s not yet on your website, only the Maui Coffee Co. stuff. We ran out last weekend and are having withdrawls, please help!! Need 2 bags urgently!!
Secondly, your claim about having the best corned beef hash on the island. I think you’ve understated this because it’s the best I’ve had any where in the world! And that covers a lot of ground as I’ve been to every continent multiple times. Just the best anywhere, period!! Don’t suppose you would have that for delivery to Indiana would you? Maybe by the pound(s)?
Great people and even better food, Mahalo CJ’s. Seriously though, please let me know about that coffee. How do we get some ordered and shipped to Indiana?

Bill Clark, Valparaiso, In.
CJ’s Maui Restaurant Customer Comment

​CJ’s Deli & Diner Rocks! Been here several times while visiting Maui – each time we tried different meals and each time we LOVED the food, service and atmosphere. Only suggestion would be to provide regular dinner napkins along with this paper type – because we’re messy!

Aloha and Mahalo from Detroit