Near and Far, We Cater ALL. Maui Chef Caters Event Party in Green Bay

Near and Far, We Cater ALL. Maui Chef Caters Event Party in Green Bay

Maui catering event dinner dessert.For their annual corporate holiday party, The CMM Group in Green Bay, Wisconsin, wanted to show appreciation to their employees in a unique way catering to individual personalities showcasing their success and achievements. What better way to do it than to ‘fly in‘ a Maui caterer to personally prepare a catered gourmet dinner for the holiday event party!

I was invited to fly to Wisconsin to serve as the personal chef for the CMM Group’s catered holiday party. Being only a little concerned about leaving the warmth of Maui in December, I accepted the invitation thinking my youthful winters growing up in Denmark had prepared me with adaquate skills to survive the chill of winter in Green Bay. I survived and had a great time! Watch the catered party event video and then keep reading for the menu information and other details of this catered holiday party:

Catered Event Video by Jon Kline Productions

Each course of the special holiday dinner was personally prepared from local ingredients I supplied from Hawaii and merged with ingredients from Wisconsin. My goal was to prepare a gourmet menu featuring Hawaii dishes tastefully merged to highlight the ingredients from Hawaii and Wisconsin. Each course of the dinner was paired with a wine I personally selected to compliment the flavors of the course. A few of the Hawaii ingredients for the catered dinner included whole Maui grown pineapples, Maui onions, fresh vanilla beans, macadamia nuts, organic Kula yellow tomatoes and Imu packed Kahlua Pork. And of course, I took a hearty supply of my famous Hana Bar Desserts and fresh lei to greet the guests in Hawaiian tradition. The holiday party was attended by 25 employees and spouses. The holiday event was hosted at Chives Restaurant. Thank You to Chives Restaurant Owner/Chef, J.R. Schoenfeld for your hospitality and kitchen camaraderie!

Maui catering plated dinner service image.

What would a trip to Green Bay be without attending a Packer’s game? Maui Chef Christian Jorgensen using blow torch at catered dinner (image).In addition to using my culinary skills catering the holiday party, I prepared and served a personal chef dinner for 10 of the Green Bay Packer players and then attend the Packers game on Sunday at Lambeu Field! Prior to attending the game, I also prepared a gourmet tailgate party for CMM Group Logoour hosts and guests. What an event and trip with great memories! I was honored to travel to Wisconsin to cater the holiday party and related events! Thank You to The CMM Group! Thank You to Jon Kline,, for shooting, editing, and providing the video.

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CJ’s Kaanapali Diner Review

My daughter and I visited Maui a couple of weeks ago and came to your restaurant 3 times. I just wanted to thank you for your willingness to meet our gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free requirements. We loved being able to eat out safely and wish we had a CJ’s at home! I just wrote you a stellar review on Trip Advisor. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer!

Kelley MacCabe
CJ’s Maui Restaurant Review

Wonderful for a Sunday Brunch since you can order breakfast until 11:00am! Had a ‘custom’ 3 ingredient omelette (I chose mushrooms, feta and spinach) with nicely crunchy on the outside and soft inside home potatoes, yummy. Hubby had the pancakes with fresh fruit! These are light fluffy slightly sweet batter pancakes, not those heavy bland ones (OK I admit it, I had to have a few bites of his breakfast…) Service was fast and friendly :0). The menu is EXTENSIVE, we live here and love it!

Kathy, Lahaina, Maui
CJ’s Deli and Diner Maui Restaurant Review

Fact: CJ’s Maui onion soup will melt your face off it’s so good. Best I’ve ever had. It gets 20 stars.
Alas, it’s not on the menu every day… But when my fiancee and I went this past summer and were lucky to meet Chef CJ in person and mentioned that we had been thinking about the onion soup since the last time we visited two years earlier, he was kind enough to put it on the next day’s menu. We went back the following day and ordered it, and it was amazing, just as we had remembered. Another fact: the onion soup at CJ’s is better than the onion soup at Mama’s Fish House (and at like 1/4th of the price). Really. It’s that good. Part of me wants to reverse engineer CJ’s onion soup recipe, quit my job, and make millions selling onion soup to the mainland masses! (or: CJ, wanna make a deal?)
I think that the loco moco gravy is made from the same goodness. So that’s great too. The potato salad is tasty as well.
The to-go lunch plate is respectable.

Jonny S, San Diego, CA
Maui Chef CJ Prepares Mushroom Soup for Kaanapali Restaurant Guest

On a previous visit to Maui, I had the most delicious mushroom soup at CJ’s Deli and Diner in Kaanapali. When I arrived in Maui this week, I emailed the restaurant and asked what day they might have the soup. The owner and chef, Christian Jorgensen (CJ), promptly replied even though he was on vacation in Vegas. He gave me a number to call to check on the soup of the day. Then when he returned to Maui on Friday, he emailed me to let me know he would have the soup for me on Saturday. When I got there, he was so friendly and the soup was even more scrumptious than I had remembered. I really appreciated how valued he made me feel as a customer.

Linda D.
CJs Maui Restaurant Customer

Good Morning, My wife and I spent last week in Maui. Your early bird special was the best. After we found you, we ate breakfast there every morning. You had two regular coffees that we just loved.

James T Wilson Jr
Maui Restaurant Customer

The best burger I ever had! Great Service! Fantastic Food!! Simply Awesome.

Pat Janostin, Champlin MN
Kaanapali Restaurant Customer Comment

Thanks for all the Good Food. Best we have ad since we hit the island 5 days ago!

Jeff and Myra V., Ontario, Ohio

CJ’s Maui Restaurant Customer Comments on CJ’s Private Luau in her Blog

Aloha, Just wanted to let you know that this post was up last Friday and it will be included (linked) with all of our Hawaii properties. Thank you both for excellent service. You made our trip to Maui very memorable! Feel free to comment on the post. It’s always good to have additional information and your input.

Nancy Solomon, Travel Writer
CJ’s Maui Restaurant Customer Comment

Aloha, We were in to see you many times during our stay last month in Ka’anapali, couple of things for you:
Need to order some more of your CJ’s roasted Kona Coffee. I see it’s not yet on your website, only the Maui Coffee Co. stuff. We ran out last weekend and are having withdrawls, please help!! Need 2 bags urgently!!
Secondly, your claim about having the best corned beef hash on the island. I think you’ve understated this because it’s the best I’ve had any where in the world! And that covers a lot of ground as I’ve been to every continent multiple times. Just the best anywhere, period!! Don’t suppose you would have that for delivery to Indiana would you? Maybe by the pound(s)?
Great people and even better food, Mahalo CJ’s. Seriously though, please let me know about that coffee. How do we get some ordered and shipped to Indiana?

Bill Clark, Valparaiso, In.
CJ’s Maui Restaurant Customer Comment

​CJ’s Deli & Diner Rocks! Been here several times while visiting Maui – each time we tried different meals and each time we LOVED the food, service and atmosphere. Only suggestion would be to provide regular dinner napkins along with this paper type – because we’re messy!

Aloha and Mahalo from Detroit